About Me

Who is Behind the Lens?

I can be defined artistically as Photographer, Video Producer, and Creative Artist. My love of portraiture drives me to constantly pursue that next subject. All photography here is my copyrighted work and Videos can be viewed on Vimeo and Youtube via Studioblue1.

" I try to expand my skills on a daily basis with the help of new tools and technology."

" Commercial and creative photography projects I look forward to and continue to seek challenging assignments."


My Skills

Photography and video production/post production are considered to be my main skills, I am compentent with a variety of software and services.

  • Photoshop 90%

  • Final Cut 80%

  • Studio Photography 85%

  • Motion Video 75%

Why Choose Me?

My early education in the photographic profession included 8X10, 5X7 and various other formats that gave me experience in chemical film processing and precise exposure. I apply the same principle to digital processing using software for complete control from capture to finish.

Early video before the NLE and digital memory cards is where I started. The old technology teaching went a long way into mastering the craft of production.

  • Knowlegable in todays tools and technology.
  • Use of high quality digital products.
  • A complete one stop source.
  • Experienced professional.

Let's Work Together

I am waiting to hear from you, so lets talk about your next portrait or other photographic event. Video productions are also a part of what we do here at Marvin Portraits, whatever your needs are I will be glade to provide quality service.

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